Saturday, February 12, 2005


Why woodchuck?

Is it made of wood?
Is its name Chuck?
Does a woodchuck chuck?
Well, maybe if it ate alot of bugs, yeah, it might chuck, but normally no.
Does a woodchuck chuck wood?
Would a woodchuck chuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Well, I have a friend named Chuck Chuck.
He likes to eat chuck.

Unfortunately, he's crazy.

Unfortunatelier, he has no arms.

Unfortunateliest, last week at a party, there was a large plate of chuck on the buffet table.

He began to eat it, but then he thought it was a space alien that was trying to kill him.

So he tried to throw it out the window, but then he remembered he had no arms. He tried using his mouth, his legs... but he just couldn't throw away the meat he thought was an alien.

So me and my friends pondered.........

Chuck Chuck
Chuck Chuck

Monday, February 07, 2005

Stuff I don't understand

1. My Algebra II teacher- everyone at school thinks he's the besta math teacher they have ever had, and he might be, but I can't understand him... Not verbally or with the written word. He talks kind-of out there... and his writing is like lots of curly lines connected together. But that's just me. Everyone in my class thinks he's great. So he must be. It must be something with me... i don't know.

2. Chemistry- It's just one thing after another...
first you have to know this formula,
then another one,
then a formula to tell the difference between when you should use the first and second formula, then you have to memorize certain numbers that correlate to certain chemicals,
then there are other numbers,
then there are formulas that help you understand which numbers are which,
then there is a formula that tells you when to use that formula...
it's just like King Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:14b-
"all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind."
It's just so annoying that you study these chemicals and atoms... things that you never really see... i don't know... i guess it will help me.
GOD, please help me understand ALGEBRA AND CHEMISTRY.

3. Teasing- People making fun of other people...

it just...
it just makes me so sad.
Why can't we just love? It sounds corny, I know, but... Why not?

4. Meat- Why is it that we Americans really only eat Beef, Chicken, Fish, and a little pork and turkey. I mean out of all the animals in the world, why have we chosen those animals? Why can't I have a sheep sandwich? I mean, if it was clean, why not?


I just don't get it. Where did we go wrong?

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Why UNO?

Well, I probably should have started out my blog explaining why I chose the name Counselor Uno. You see it all started back in the summer of seventh grade.......

It was my last year as a camper at Camp Good News. I wanted to make the most of my experience, so I went two times that summer. It was so much fun. And the reason, partly, why it was so much fun was because I brought my UNO cards.
I don't remember that while packing the cards I was thinking, "You know what? I love UNO!" Really, I only brought them because I found it was a good game to get to know people. Most people know Uno, the basic premise at least, and I could always teach yhem my specific rules. Well, over those two weeks I think I had one the best experiences at camp that I ever had before. I made friends with lots of the other campers and I just grew to really love UNO. In fact, me and my friend Jacob Moore, even though he was a 4th grader, became really good friends because we both loved to play UNO. In fact, I became Uno Man and he became Uno Man Number Two. It was so much fun.
Well, another year went by and I came to camp for my first time as a CIT (Counselor in Training). It was fun, just getting to get used to being a counselor, and we just learned stuff and worked in the kitchen for the first week. The second week we got assigned to a cabin, and I chose to be put with the youngest kids (DOH!). However, even though it was crazy, it was fun. And that week I gained the name: COUNSELOR UNO.
You see, all the counselors get nicknames, and usually they get them from Staff training week. Well, I couldn't (and still can't) go to that until I'm a Sr. Counselor, but I figuerd, "Hey, why can't I have a nickname?" So I pondered. And I pondered. And I pondered some more. Then it came to me (really, this only took a few seconds).
Counselor Uno. Short. Sweet. To the point. I have a gimick: my cards. The kids can understand why I chose it as a name. It was perfect...
So, the week flew by and through my cards I befriended many kids.
Finally, this past summer, I went for my last session of being a CIT. THe first week was okay. I got to know a few kids during canteen, but the second week rocked. Again, I chose to be with Noah's Ark, the youngest group (Will I ever learn?) Still, I have to say... IT WAS AWESOME! I loved it. I became Counselor Uno again, and played Uno, and had a blast!
So, now that my second week was over, I should have and could have gone home. But, I didn't. I went and talked to the Camp Director person and asked her if I could come back as a
She said yes!!!
I came back one last time, for the last week of camp... ohmigosh... It was official! I was finally
I got to make many friends through my cards, and had another great week.

SO, that IS how I became COUNSELOR uno!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Good ole secret o'life!

Here's the good ole secret o'life:

Live your life as if a ten-year-old-you was was watching you.
Would they approve of what you are doing?

Monday, January 24, 2005

Rich Mullins

DUDE! Rich Mullins rocks! I mean, he rocked, but his music lives on! He didn't play the electric guitar, or the drums, or anything like that... he played the hammered dulcimer... and the piano. The latter you would expect to be long, boring, just blah. But he took the piano and plunked and plinked and played it as if he were rocking out on a bass or electric guitar. And the hammered dulcimer... man, he did things you'd never expect! I mean, listen to his music. It's calm, it's pretty quiet. But at the same time... it's loud and in your face, praising God, making you praise God. I mean... WOW!
1. Creed- He took an oldie, but goodie, creed that the Apostles made long ago and turned it into a ballad!
2. Sing your praise to the Lord- that intro to the song just paints a picture... a different picture every time, but always a picture with vivid colors and green fields and flowing streams...
3. Awesome God- He wrote this in the 90's or the 80's... but around the time he wrote it, "awesome" was the word teens used to describe something cool, i mean, it still is used... but he put the "awe" back in "awesome" and reminded us that only God is worthy of our awe!
4. Sometimes by Step- This song, like "Awesome God" is a long, story song, but what's cool about it, and "Awesome God" is that we have taken the choruses in these songs and turned them into songs that stand alone. "Step by step, you lead me, and I will follow you all of my days!"
5. Alrightokayuhuhamen- This song is alright. It's okay... uhuh... AMEN! This song is just... AMEN!
6. Screen Door- ... uh... some guys singing acapella... hmm... okay.....
alrightey then...

But seriously... this is one of my favorite songs. He takes from the book of James and turns it into a fun song... and did you know that the percussion sounds were actually made by the singers? They flipped cups in sequence and slapped them and... wow... WOW!

7. And Millions more...
Well, maybe not millions more... but a hundred or more...
He was definitely working in love for God. Thank you Lord for sending him when you did.
To Rich...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

:::: musicians ::::

My favorite musicians... kind of in order... kind of not
1. Ross King
2. Steven Curtis Chapman
3. Michael W Smith
4. Spur58
5. Todd Proctor
6. Relient K
7. Switchfoot
8. Mercy Me
9. Chris Tomlin
10. David Crowder Band
11. Matt Brouwer
12. Caedmon's Call
13. Third Day
14. Casting Crowns
15. Jennifer Knapp
16. Robin Mark
17. Sonicflood
18. Delirious?
19. Rich Mullins
20. FFH
21. Jars of Clay
22. dc talk

Saturday, January 22, 2005

29 things

1. My word: Smum. Definition- Smart/Dumb. Ex: Everyone in the world is smum, seeing as they are smart about some things and dumb about some other things.
2. Alias is the best show on ABC!
3. Actually, it's a tie. Lost is also the best!
4. Jennifer Garner is hot!
5. Kevin Max has a freaky awesome voice.
6. In 6th grade, I made little knick-knacks out of can metal and planned on making it into a job.
7. Unfortunately, I took orders from my friends at school, but over the summer transfered out of that school, so I never delivered the can creations.
8. Then in 9th grade I took orders for Christian T-shirts I designed.
9. Unfortunately, the person I found to print them... well couldn't print them.
10. The next person I found couldn't either...
11. When I was in 5th grade, I played a British beefeater in a musical called "Old Father Time"
12. I hate AIM.
13. I tried to use it on my computer, and it pretty much CRASHED because of it.
14. Favorite female singer: Nicole Nordeman, because she has a voice that reminds me of crystal. You know, when you wet your finger and rub it over the rim of a crystal glass.
15. I'd play sports if it wasn't all about competition and being the best (at least in Texas)
16. I've been playing the guitar since 8th grade.
17. I still need to work on picking and bar chords.
18. I want to learn to play the lute and the mandolin and the sitar!
19. My favorite musicals: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Godspell, Les Miserables, Sound of Music, Singin' in the Rain, and Man of La Mancha.
20. My word: Smurmal. Definition- It's normal to be smum. Ex: Danny was acting really smurmal today.
21. Disney movies have gone downhill since Tarzan. The thing that made them so good WAS THEIR MUSIC!
22. My dog's full name is Lady Goldilocks Weppler
23. Edgar Rice Burroughs is best known for his Tarzan books. Still, I've been reading his John Carter of Mars series- They are so cool!
24. "All That", that show on Nickelodian, was really, really funny. Then they dropped all of its good stars, and replaced them with young, not-so-funny kids.
25. Chuckie Cheese is so much fun! I used to go there all the time. Actually, I haven't gone in two years or so... I should go back sometime
26. That new 7-Up Plus tastes like carbonated melted Jello, with some bad flavor thrown in.
27. Did you know that Sunkist is evil? It's real name isn't Sunkist. Trust Me. Read the label. It's kissed by sin.
28. I want to go to India, Norway, England, Andorra, Basque Country, Egypt, Israel, China, Japan, Peru, Belize, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Antarctica, Russia, Mongolia, Mustang, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Yemen, and Cyprus.
29. Word games are fun!